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Finding yourself in a place of calm...
to be refocused, clear and grounded...
your future starts in the here and now.
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Coaching  and Counselling

I provide an open mind and heart for you to be safe and relaxed to explore your issues. Many people these days are under an increasing amount of stress and making sure your mental health is balanced and maintained is essential.

Sometimes clients have are just a vague sense of being disconnected from others; others are not sure about how to be themselves – who am I? How am I supposed to be? Should I know?!? How can I know?

I have a deep trust that you, my client, has the answers within yourself, but not the skills to discover what they are, nor how to make the changes you seek.

Clients come for many reasons:

  • building confidence and esteem
  • changing negative habits
  • dealing with loss
  • stress or depression
  • figuring out life direction and/or spiritual path
  • improving communication and relationships
  • resolving trauma
  • along with a mix of some or many of these issues.

We work together to discover the motivation for your behaviours and thoughts.  I ask a lot of questions. We can figure out what you want, what you need and then what you need to do to create your life anew.

I help you be more of who you are:

  • You, without the trials and baggage you might have been carrying around
  • You, reset and guided by your inner strength and vision (I’ll show you how to access it)
  • You, refocused, clear and grounded.

Achieving change

Our minds are flexible, elastic and changeable. Often we can have a sense of a change we need to make, but how do you do it? Change how? Change what? Often we can see what we need to change and can make resolutions to change some aspect of our behaviour – but we still return to those behaviours we wanted to change. Why?!?

I can help you realise what you have available to you and guide you to discover yourself. My mission is not to give you direction in your life, but to help you discover your direction.

You make your world – make it better

My approach is based on how you make up your world, what ideas, beliefs and values you have that create the world you live in. Once I get an understanding of your world, we can work together to undo the less-than-useful ideas and beliefs, create more useful ideas, structures and beliefs which work for you better. Just removing useless ideas is not where I’m working from. Sure, remove them, but they need to be replaced with things more in keeping with who you are and how you want to be.

I aim to increase your options and give you tools to help you change yourself in the future. I’m not about ‘fixing’ anything about you. You work fine. You probably have some behaviours – ‘programmes’ – which were useful at some point in your life, but are no longer what you need. They may even be hindering you from enjoying yourself or getting in the way of what you want.

We are full and in the now when we have good communication and awareness of all 3 aspects of our being: Head, Heart and Body. Taking the time to get in touch and live with all aspects of yourself will provide access to your real self – the who you are and what you are doing here in your life.

I can lead you to your own insights and revelations.

I am a trained NLPt psychotherapist and registered iEQ9 Enneagram coach. I have particular interest in addiction (drugs, food, behaviours) and with men’s issues – how to be a man in today’s society.

Are you ready for some change?

Want to find out more about how I work? Yes, I have online sessions, as well as face-to-face sessions when permitted under covid restrictions.



What issues can I help with?

Depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, addiction, anger management, compulsive behaviour, panic, phobias.

In my own journey I always had a sense of a missing ‘key’ to what was bothering me. What was the clue which would help me realise just who I was and what I am doing here. I lacked meaning. I searched a lot to discover that meaning. I am refocused, clear and grounded and I invite you to be too.

I have found it and will happily share that with you. It will mean work but the insights you can get will rock your world.