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How do you work?

How do you work?

My interest is in how you make up your world. We are complex and frustrating beings, with multiple ways of tricking ourselves to keep us protected. Those mechanisms for safety were created in our childhood and as children, we perceive the world around us in simple raw terms. Those decisions can be intense, when we experience them in later life.

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This can be refreshing!

“Clients come to us when they have internal conflict”, said my trainer in psychotherapy. This really stuck with me and is the assumption / idea I have when I see a new client. There is likely a struggle, a wrestling inside with ideas, thoughts and feelings which are pulling you in different directions.

One direction of the pull will probably be towards something which you feel is going to be better, more useful for you. Yet, there is an emotion and pull towards something else, or away from your desire. Thus, the conflict.

Other times there can be a feeling of being squeezed, compressed or under pressure. There may not be a sense or feeling of escape – how do I get out of here!?!

Once we have explored your experiences and outlined what it is you want, we can start to develop changes in your thoughts and actions.