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Bookings and fees

Bookings and fees

I do not operate from an office currently, as most sessions are online now. But should you prefer to be face-to-face, I can run sessions at suitable location. I can also come to yours, should that be desirable.

Sessions are online (WhatsApp, Zoom), with other options of a park or other public place as you might prefer.

First contact
I like to have an initial phone call where I can gain a sense of what your issues are and outline how I might be able to help. We can also discover if our working relationship can work for both of us.

How long is a session?
Sessions are 50 minutes. I also offer an hour and a half longer sessions should you want more time to explore and consolidate learnings.

Evening sessions can be available and I also have Saturday morning for those who have weekday commitments.

How many sessions do I need?
This varies, but sometimes people get what they need in 2 or 3 sessions while others prefer ongoing open ended sessions. Typically, 5 to 7 sessions are useful in achieving worthwhile changes.

Counselling & psychotherapy sessions are £45.


Enneagram Coaching

I offer a package with Enneagram Coaching in blocks of 5 sessions each.

The package includes a 24 page Enneagram Profile which is completed online. The Profile is extensive and deep so there is a lot to explore. Sessions are more fluid and not tied to the 50 minutes as discoveries may run over that time frame – but no longer than 80 minutes.

Enneagram coaching package: £280


Cancellation fees

I charge £20 if you want to cancel within 24 hours or did not attend a session. I make a commitment to you with my time and resources which I will honour with you. I anticipate this will be reciprocated.


Every one you meet has a different version of you in their heads.

Think about that.