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How do sessions work?

How do sessions work?

When you contact me in the first instance (email on the contact form or by phone) we’ll discuss what has bought you to the point of contacting me. This can be a short or long call, depending on what you want to cover. This is also the occasion where we each find out if we can work together. You may have issues which are outside of my experience or you might not ‘connect’ to me.

If we are both in agreement we can arrange a time suitable for the first session.


How many sessions do I need?

There is no hard and fast rules about the number of sessions needed. Some clients only have one and are quite happy with the outcomes from one session. Coaching is normally a set number (typically 3 to start with) but that varies too.

Most of my clients have from 6 – 8 sessions. Some come back again after for a ‘top-up’ or reminder of their strategies, or to develop new ones for a changed circumstance.


How long are the sessions?

Sessions are 50 minutes. Some like to have an hour and twenty minutes which gives more time to explore and to develop more deeply embedded changes.


What happens during a session?

I listen. A lot. I’ll ask you questions to help me to understand what you are going through. I’ll be very attentive about the language you use and how you represent your world to yourself.

I’ll probably challenge you at times when something said has gained my attention.

You’ll probably go away with some ‘home work’ designed to help you be the changes you want.


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