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About me

My name is Michael Williams and I am a Master NLP Practitioner and furthered my interest in NLP with training in NLPt – NLP Psychotherapy. This approach is based on the belief that we create our reality based on our experiences. I am also a Certified Enneagram Coach with iEQ9.

Recently I have found the Enneagram which – honestly – is what I’ve been looking for all my life. It is the most thorough and comprehensive profiling system I’ve encountered. As said in the Enneagram space, it is not about putting you in a box, it shows you the box you are in – and how to get out of it. It says, here are the cards you were dealt in your life and here’s how to make the best of those cards.

Calm and clean

Calm and clean

Sometimes when the constructs we create are not robust or flexible enough to make sense of the complexity in our lives, we need to re-think and recover what is missing and how to create a new reality.


I live in Earls Colne, Colchester with my wife, 3 dogs, a parrot and a tortoise. I came to the UK from New Zealand in the late 1980s and have lived here since.


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