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Covid – Keeping Calm

Covid – Keeping Calm
24th January 2021 MichaelW

Surviving Covid

The virus has caused many people to become nervous and anxious about contracting it, becoming very ill and having severe consequences for themselves and their family.

While the vast majority of the population will survive this infection (I’ve had it and survived), some people will become very ill and even die.

There is much focus on some particular figures which are across most media streams. The figures and their origins seem to change their value and meaning over time. This creates uncertainty and can produce anxiety which can be quite severe.

You may even know people who have had it, or perhaps, sadly, died from it. What surprised me when I had it and since being back to normal, is the number of people who do not know anyone who has had it, let alone dies from it.

The numbers dying is not exceptional at the moment. There are certainly groups of people who are very vulnerable and need protection and vaccination, but most people are not at great risk.

It’s important to keep a sense of proportion for the scale of the pandemic – otherwise you can end up in a very dark place. I contracted Hepatitis B when I was a nurse. People die from Hep B and I spent 3 months quite poorly, waiting for the disease to run its course.

I followed the directions of medical advice and came out from it slowly.