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Look up, raise your head

Look up, raise your head
7th March 2020 MichaelW
So much more to see when looking up

This is a very simple action to take for depression. While not a cure for depression, but can help you to see the world from a different perspective.

When we are suffering depression, we immerse ourselves in that state. It envelops us, making the world distant. We are alone.

Where do you look when in this state? We tend to look down, as that’s where our feelings are. Visual is looking up, hearing is to the sides (left and right) and feelings (also talking to yourself) are down. Toward the ground, where the world is not so obvious.

Look up. This helps you to move from your feelings from down to up and into the rest of the world. Are you ready for that?


Image of catheral ceiling

You might be missing something above…